Managing Change in the Workplace: Insights from expert guests Jenny Magic and Melissa Breker

This week we explore the nuanced world of change facilitation with expert guests, Jenny Magic and Melissa Breker! Get ready to dive into their engaging strategies for getting teams involved early on and maintaining open dialogue that fuels honest, inclusive teamwork.

From importance of embracing the art of creating a psychologically safe environment that makes your employees feel valued and sparks joy in the workplace, to navigating resistance to change this episode is full of valuable takeaways that managers can use right away!

We believe that all change, regardless of size, deserves strategic thinking to prepare teams for change and boost adoption.

– Jenny Magic

Topics Discussed:

  • Role of change facilitation in leadership
  • Developing empathy and psychological safety
  • Addressing resistance to change
  • Overcoming challenges of speaking truth to power
  • Engaging teams early in the problem definition process

Everything about their book, CHANGE FATIGUE: Flip Teams From Burnout to Buy-In, including the link to buy and our resources is at

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