Are You Ready for Management? 5 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Manager

Considering a move into management? In this episode of Leadership Revolution, we’ll discuss five crucial factors you should consider before taking the leap. Learn the importance of measuring success, delegating tasks, developing team skills, providing constructive feedback, and balancing responsibilities. Tune in for key insights, tips for giving feedback, managing conflict, and enhancing personal/professional growth.

Your success is measured by that of your team. Your new mission is centered on your team’s morale, motivation, cohesiveness and productivity, rather than just your individual success.

– Megan Scollay-Casillas

Topics Discussed:

  • Considerations before becoming a manager
  • Measuring team success
  • Delegating and trusting
  • Developing team skills
  • Balancing responsibilities
  • Feedback importance
  • Communication
  • Emotional regulation
  • Self-reflection
  • Standing behind decisions

About Megan

I have over a decade of experience leading strategic integrated marketing efforts across multiple industries including, non-profits, health and wellness, small business, and higher education. I bring extensive experience developing, implementing and managing the execution of strategic marketing campaigns for multiple companies having 100+ product lines with 4,000-6,000+ products, services, and resources.