Transitioning from Individual Contributor to Leader: The Do’s and Don’t’s for New Managers

Did you know that 59% of managers who oversee up to two employees report having no training at all? In fact, many leaders of organizations rarely have any substantial training on how to be a good leader.

This insightful episode under 20 minutes talks about the transition from individual contributor to leader and provides tips on how to set yourself up for success from the very beginning. You’ll learn how to reframe your perspective, give proactive feedback, and delegate responsibilities to your team.

You don’t have to be an authoritarian leader. I know that corporate America would have you believe that you have to lead with an unwavering rigidity but you do not have to be that manager. No matter how many times you’ve personally had that manager in the past. You can lead with heart, collaboration, and purpose. You can lead and allow your team to express their opinions and recommendations. You can lead and make space for your team to disagree with you in a healthy manner. You can lead and be inclusive. You can lead and allow others to shine.

Megan Scollay-Casillas

Remember that being proactive in your constructive feedback is key, and delegation builds trust and gives team members the opportunity to develop their skills. Press play to learn more!

About Megan

I have over a decade of experience leading strategic integrated marketing efforts across multiple industries including, non-profits, health and wellness, small business, and higher education. I bring extensive experience developing, implementing and managing the execution of strategic marketing campaigns for multiple companies having 100+ product lines with 4,000-6,000+ products, services, and resources.