1:1 Episode: Onboarding Your Team as an Entrepreneur with Jamie Kennedy

Are you curious about the struggles and challenges entrepreneurs often face in their leadership roles? This bonus episode is an exclusive peek into the 1-on-1 you wish you could have with your manager. Join management expert Megan Scollay-Casillas as she sits down with Jamie Kennedy, CEO and founder of Brave Moon Podcasts, for a powerful 1-on-1.

Hear a real-life example of what you can do to create a safe space during a one-on-one and what it means to be a supportive and effective leader. Listen to Megan as she helps navigate some tricky challenges Jamie’s facing, including scaling her business, managing new staff and overcoming hurdles like outsourcing and hiring freelancers.

I feel like I’m in a really coveted spot right now. I’m getting a one-on-one with the Megan Scollay-Casillas. I feel very special to be doing this with you.

Jamie Kennedy

Walk away with practical techniques for running a successful 1-on-1 and actionable tips you can use during hiring, training and onboarding staff. Don’t miss out on valuable insights into the art of leadership!

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About Megan

I have over a decade of experience leading strategic integrated marketing efforts across multiple industries including, non-profits, health and wellness, small business, and higher education. I bring extensive experience developing, implementing and managing the execution of strategic marketing campaigns for multiple companies having 100+ product lines with 4,000-6,000+ products, services, and resources.