Mastering Emotional Intelligence: A Crucial Guide for Managers with Kaitlin Carmichael

In this must-listen episode, Kaitlin Carmichael, a talent and leadership development expert, unlocks the secrets to emotional intelligence for aspiring and current managers. Discover how to manage high-stress situations, respond to varying nervous system states, and create a safe workplace culture.

…self-reflection is so humbling. You have to be able to recognize where you misstepped and, and sometimes that means verbally recognizing it to the folks on the other side. And that can be really hard too because it’s one thing to recognize it to yourself and be like, I f****d up. Whoops… And it’s another thing to recognize that in front of an audience.

– Megan Scollay-Casillas

About Megan

I have over a decade of experience leading strategic integrated marketing efforts across multiple industries including, non-profits, health and wellness, small business, and higher education. I bring extensive experience developing, implementing and managing the execution of strategic marketing campaigns for multiple companies having 100+ product lines with 4,000-6,000+ products, services, and resources.